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Individuals and organisations can both help the campaign in many ways. Find out what you can do.

Are You Committing Violence

Are you worried that you are committing violence to others? Find out what you can do.

Violence Against Men

Every act of violence is wrong and everyone, whether male or female, has the right to a life free of violence. Find out more here.

Our History

The White Ribbon Campaign has a rich history that spreads to every corner of the globe. Learn about it with our timeline.

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We have a variety of events and conferences throughout the year. Get all the details here or on our Eventbrite page


Our frequently asked questions section covers everything from what the ribbon stands for to how we spend the money we raise. 

Are You Experiencing Violence

If you are facing violence you do not have to put up with it. There is support available. Find out more here.


47% (27,496) of domestic abuse incidents led to the recording of at least one crime or offence.


Of the 35,086 crimes or offences recorded as part of a domestic abuse incident in 2016-17 Common assault was the most common recorded in 37%


Where gender information was recorded, 83% of domestic abuse incidents had a female victim in 2016-17.


Around half of these incidents (52%) were based on some form of argument between partners or ex-partners.

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