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Video Clips

Film clips can be great resources for raising awareness. If you are giving a talk or holding an event, you could play one or two to get the discussion started.

Why violence against women?

Amnesty Stop Violence Against Women campaign manager Heather Harvey talks about why we need to campaign on violence against women

A UNIFEM public service announcement with striking images which show that violence against women is one of the most common forms of violence in the world.

Men Speak Out

Actor Patrick Stewart talks about his personal experience of domestic violence and why he supports work to end violence.

Actor John Hurt speaks out against violence against women and other human rights abuses.

White Ribbon Campaign Co-founder Michael Kaufman is interviewed on men, violence and equality.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon talks about the role that youth has to play in ending violence against women.

Violence against women

Violence against women around the world

Rape as a weapon of war in the Congo


From around the world

White Ribbon Videos from around the world

Adverts created for White Ribbon Australia:

featuring rugby stars:

Brendan Cannon

Jason Johnson

Gorden Tallis

A father talks about what he would do for his daughter.

Over 100 men and boys came together in country South Australia, Mount Gambier, to shout NO to violence against women as part of White Ribbon Day

White Ribbon Day ambassador, former Port Adelaide footballer Gavin Wanganeen, speaks against domestic violence at Australia’s Loudest Shout in Mount Gambier.


White Ribbon Campaign Mongolia

New Zealand
Polynesian brothers (young & old) standing up against violence in the home. Featuring some of New Zealand’s top male vocalists

Barenaked Ladies support White Ribbon Campaign

Seen a great video on the theme? Tell us about it and we’ll share it here.

Most men do not commit violence against women. But all men have a role in ending it. If we all start by making a pledge never to commit, condone or remain silent about men's violence against women in all its forms, that will make a huge difference.

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