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Become a Speaker

Would you like to volunteer to become a White Ribbon Scotland Speaker?  Our Speakers are the backbone of our grassroots campaign and further the campaign by talking to men and boys about what they can do to help eliminate violence against women in Scottish society.  It sounds like a big ask, but we will deliver a one day training course to provide you with the information you need.  We would like you to commit to the campaign, but by that we do not mean we need every spare minute of your time; what we mean is that you will commit to planning with other Speakers regarding the type of events you can run to support White Ribbon Scotland.  More detail below.


Next Step

 If you are interested in registering to become a WRS Speaker please contact our Campaign Director Davy Thompson at who will be pleased to give you further information and discuss all aspects of volunteering.  You do not make the final decision to volunteer until you have attended the one day Speaker training course and if necessary you can withdraw from volunteering at any time.  We welcome volunteers who may in the past have felt they faced too many barriers to volunteering.  Everyone in society can find their place with White Ribbon Scotland working to help eliminate violence against women.  Your activities will be built around you and we will be committed to trying to overcome any barriers you may have felt you faced previously.


Prospective Speakers attend a one day training course after which they can choose to become volunteers for White Ribbon Scotland.  We welcome anyone who identifies as male and any other person who has access to a male audience to put themselves forward to become a WRS Speaker.  In addition to the initial training day our Speakers will in future be offered additional short training courses, which will help to provide more information about the subject by enhancing your knowledge of specific aspects of violence against women and/or enhance your preparation for delivering inputs or workshops.  

Annual Conference

 Each year we hold a conference specifically aimed at our Speakers to help enhance your knowledge and understanding and give you the opportunity to network with other WRS volunteer Speakers around Scotland.  In the past conferences have been held in Glasgow, Perth and Edinburgh. 




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