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White Ribbon Scotland seeks to identify supporters who can influence opinion and invite them to become Ambassadors who will play an important leadership role in our campaign.

What Can Ambassadors Do?

As people who occupy positions of influence across Scotland our Ambassadors are in a position, where appropriate, to

  • Raise awareness of WRS and its goals of equality and ending VAW
  • Encourage others to participate in the campaign and sign the pledge
  • Stand up as a role model for men acting as allies to help end VAW
  • Influence members of their organisation/followers to embrace White Ribbon activities and speak out against VAW
  • Publicly acknowledge their role as White Ribbon Scotland Ambassadors and sign the pledge as an example of how men and women can stand together to oppose violence against women.
  • Support White Ribbon Scotland as we strive to secure additional funding.
  • Wear their Ambassador White Ribbon badge with pride to help initiate discussions about violence against women and what men can do to oppose it.


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