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The workshop is a great way to to relate to events we have found ourselves in and assess how to respond to them differently.”

We had a very good response when delivering our Active Bystander workshop to doctorate students, their advisors and others at the 2024 East Bio Doctoral Training Partnership Symposium held at the University of St Andrews on the 2nd June 2024.
There was enthusiastic participation from those in attendance as we explored the elements of Bystander Theory as established through event analysis and experimentation. Wonderfully thoughtful responses were suggested as we explored scenarios in which bystanders could be active and effective. Thanks go to Hazel, Maria, Jack and the student representatives involved in delivering an extremely professional symposium.

With over 60 attendees, the event had excellent participation and it was particularly interesting to note that most early participation came from women in the audience, then men started to find their voice and in the latter stages many men were participating in the discussions around the scenarios used.

This workshop has already sparked further interest with an enquiry to consider delivering a similar event at the University of Edinburgh.  Watch this space!

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