White Ribbon Scotland is a campaign to involve men in tackling violence against women. It is a joint initiative by a coalition of organisations, individuals and groups of men around Scotland. View our supporters.

We are part of the international White Ribbon Campaign, which is the largest effort in the world of men working to end violence against women, with campaigns in over 55 countries. More about White Ribbon around the world.

The campaign in Scotland was launched in 2006 following a conference at which there was overwhelming support for men in Scotland joining women’s organisations in campaigning to end violence against women. Read more about the conference (downloads a .pdf).

What we do

White Ribbon Scotland contributes to ending violence against women by engaging men and boys in taking action on the issue. We do this by raising awareness, promoting discussion and providing information and resources to support personal and collective action among men.

Our aims:

  • Endorse and clearly state the vital role of non-perpetrating men in challenging and stopping violence against women
  • Identify, create and promote opportunities for non-perpetrating men to be involved in the campaign to Stop Violence Against Women in Scotland
  • Increase the capacity of men in Scotland to engage in the campaign to Stop Violence Against Women, through examination and dissemination of best practice from the UK and abroad

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We need you

1. To take action: White Ribbon Scotland is first and foremost a grass roots campaign, relying on the skills, experience and action of men in Scotland. We need you to work with others in your community to educate and inspire other men to campaign against violence against women. Make the pledge.

2. To support out work: Your donations, either as an individual or an organization, are crucial to our work to change attitudes in our society and to challenge gender inequality and violent models of masculinity.



16 Days of Action Summary

Summary of 16 Days of Action from White Ribbon Scotland

The following document is a summary of the WRS staff and volunteer involvement during the 16days of Action 25th November 2017 – 10th December 2017.


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Violence and the threat of violence affect women across the world, regardless of wealth, race, and culture. It inflicts devastating physical and psychological impacts on women and has wide-ranging costs for their families communities and societies.

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