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05 June 2012
White Ribbon Speaker Network Up and Running

Speaker Network Update

The priority for White Ribbon Scotland this year has been to develop a Speaker Network and we are happy to report that we have trained almost 30 men in the Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dumfries areas. We have been delighted with the range of experience our speakers have brought to the campaign and we look forward to their making a valuable contribution to WRS.

Our Speakers have the knowledge and skills to engage other men on violence against women and the role men have in preventing it. Having been supplied with a set of resources to construct presentations or workshops on the topic they will be able to engage with men on violence against women in a range of settings whether larger public groups or smaller groups in schools or community groups. They are an important addition to the work ongoing in Scotland to change attitudes which underpin violence against women and we look forward to making the most of their ability in this area.

If you are interested in booking one of our speakers to present at an event or within your organisation please contact me.

More training dates will be circulated shortly with Stirling and Dundee to be targetted in the next few months. If you are interested in holding a training event in your area please get in touch. 




Board Diversity Plan 2018-2020

 White Rib bon Scotla nd publishes Board Diversity 2018-2020


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