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30 April 2013
Victim Blaming is Never ok

Victim blaming guised as "safety tips" create unhelpful and dangerous attitudes towards violence against women.

White Ribbon Scotland and the entire White Ribbon movement, which exists in over 50 countries around the world, works with men to engage them in fighting violence against women. It's not to point the finger at men, but instead to recognise that the perpetrators of violence against women are, in the vast majority men, and many will remain silent about this and remain silent about the institutionalised sexism which allows this to continue. White Ribbon Scotland seeks to engage men in speaking out, standing up and saying "that's not ok" to their fellow male peers. We also work to educate and train men and boys to identify power dynamics which they may have overlooked or even participated in, and help them change their attitudes to that of social justice for all genders.

However, recently, there has been a surge of victim blaming dialogue, mainly online, crudely masked as a guise of "male feminism" or "supportive men activists". White Ribbon Scotland condemns any and all victim blaming.

Our beliefs are simple:

  • A women is never to blame for being assaulted, abused or raped.
  • Men have a role to play in actively challenging patriarchal society and ending violence against women.
  • The role men have, is not to lead the feminist movement, but to support it. They lead in changing their own attitudes, questioning the inequality towards women in their own lives and challenging the negative attitudes of their peers.
  • That it is not acceptable to campaign for women to modify their behaviour in case of attack. The behaviour modification and campaigning should be targeting perpetrators only.
  • That many men seek to engage in this debate and campaigning positively, and we encourage this engagement.

You can read more about what men can do to end violence against women here

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Violence against women is a human rights issue, and everyone has a duty to end it.



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In 2011-12, 81% of recorded domestic abuse incidents were violence against a woman committed by a man.

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