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13 December 2012
The Big Debate: White Ribbon at the Scottish Parliament

Last week members of the Scottish Parliament debated a motion to keep tackling violence against women a priority in Scotland.

The motion, submitted by Jamie Hepburn, Member of Parliament for Cumbernauld & Kilsyth, called for the parliament to support the on going work of White Ribbon Scotland and continue to tackle all forms of violence against women in Scotland. The debate was organised during the global 16 Days of Action on Violence Against Women, to highlight Scotland's commitment to the issue.

You can read the full motion here.

MSPs from across political parties took part in the debate, in photo support and by taking our pledge. Here are some key highlights from the debate:


Jamie Hepburn MSP "The reality in modern Scotland suggests that we desperately need to focus our efforts better on tackling the problem of violence against women. In Scotland, domestic abuse is too prevalent, with an incident being recorded every 10 minutes."

Malcolm Chisholm MSP "It is also important that White Ribbon asks men the hard questions on the subject. It should ask men not just to condemn domestic abuse—which I hope the vast majority of men would do—but to understand that male privilege and power are at the heart of the problem. Domestic abuse and violence against women more generally are rooted in gender inequality, which is reflected in the unequal power relations that continue to exist between men and women, the unequal pay structures and working conditions that exist and the value—or lack of value—that we place on women’s roles in every way in everyday life."

Jackie Ballie MSP "we need to recognise that the abuse of women is rooted in gender inequalities. It is fundamentally about differences in power between men and women. We need to do more to prevent abuse from happening and to change society’s attitudes and values...We need to support and work with White Ribbon Scotland and other organisations such as Zero Tolerance, Rape Crisis Scotland and Scottish Women’s Aid to challenge all violence against women."

Annabel Goldie MSP "Domestic violence is a stain on Scotland. We must tackle it, encourage women to come forward, and support them when they do, we must change this pernicious culture because it still exists."

Alex Neil (Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing): "Violence against women is an issue on which we are totally united as a Parliament, not just in abhorring it, but in our underlying analysis that it is a gender-based problem and that fundamental to understanding it are the basic inequalities between men and women in our society."

We would like to thank Jamie Hepburn MSP for submitting the motion and to all MSPs for their support.

You can read the full debate here and watch it here.



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The number of reported domestic violence incidents steadily increase each year.

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