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06 June 2013
Tackling sexism on Scotland's campuses

White Ribbon Scotland teams up with NUS Scotland to tackle "lad culture"

White Ribbon Scotland is proud to announce our new resources in partnership with the National Union of Students Scotland, with support from Scottish Women's Aid.

After the launch of the report "That's What She Said" a national piece of research into sexism and lad culture across the UK, it was clear that more work needed to be done to engage male students on the issues of normalising sexism and rape culture.

The report revealed that on many campuses women students feel unsafe and have experiences cat calling and sexism guised as "banter". White Ribon Scotland believes that the majority of men at universities and colleges understand that this type of lad culture is disrespectful to women and feeds the negative expectation of masculinity, but we also know from our work that many men do not know how to stand up and speak out against this to their peers. As such, we have created a series of postcards to start a national dialogue to convert the norm from being sexist banter to the norm becoming standing up against sexism.

If you are at a university or college you can order your postcards by contacting the National Union of Students Scotland.

If you are interested in this work and would like to get more involved or get White Ribbon Scotland on your campus, you can contact us directly.



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A domestic violence incident is recorded every 10 minutes in Scotland with nearly 50,000 incidents reported in 2011-12.

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