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20 April 2011
STUC Congress 2011 Report

The White Ribbon Campaign attended the STUC conference in April at Ayr Racecourse. We were pleased to see on the agenda a motion “Stop Domestic Abuse” proposed by the GMB Union. The resolution was proposed by a GMB rep. She outlined the nature of domestic abuse, stating “There are nearly 52000 cases of domestic abuse per year and how this affects women, children and families”.

The seconder wasMarie Garrity from UNISON and she said “I have first hand experience of domestic abuse from the hands, feet and mouth of her husband, which included Non-consensual sex”. Her self esteem was affected because she was continually told that she was, ugly, fat and stupid. It took the successful completion of a degree to prove to herself that she was not stupid.

A third speaker, who was African, spoke about the global dimension of domestic abuse, and violence against women. How it is used in war and how violence against women is perpetrated in Africa. She also told us about a BNP prospective candidate had equated women being raped to force feeding a woman chocolate, because women like chocolate they would enjoy it, and so when women are raped they secretly enjoy it because they enjoy sex.

Thanks once again to the delegates that we met and those who signed pledges. The White Ribbon Scotland Campaign is very interested in building links with Trade Unions. If you would like to invite White Ribbon Scotland to speak at branch meetings, develop a domestic violence workshop or literature for your Trade Union, or identify men within your Union to act as Ambassadors for the campaign so men start to think of all types of violence against women as a man’s issue and problem, we are keen to discuss. A Trade Union affiliation form is attached below.

If you are interested in getting more involved, or want some leaflets for your union branch and members please get in touch.

White Ribbon Scotland trade union affiliation

by Andrew Sherwood (White Ribbon Scotland volunteer – Trade Union Engagement)



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"Violence against women continues to persist as one of the most heinous, systematic and prevalent human rights abuses in the world." Ban Ki-moon, United Nations Secretary General, 2007

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