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15 April 2009
Stop Violence Against Women: Involving Men

On the 30th March 2006, a new movement to involve men in campaigning to end violence against women began with the “Stop Violence Against Women: Involving Men” conference, organised by Amnesty International Scotland and Men’s Health Forum Scotland.

This conference, and the others that followed it in London, Belfast and Cardiff, aimed to promote the principle that violence against women cannot be stopped without the involvement of non- perpetrating men. The conferences encouraged open discussion of this idea and the issues related to it, while presentations from people already involving men in their campaigning aimed to inspire participants to take equivalent action in the UK.

The conferences, and the ideas they promoted, were met with a great deal of support. In Scotland, roughly two thirds of the conference participants were men: a level of male representation not normally seen at events focusing on women’s rights. Furthermore, the principles of the conference received a great deal of support from female delegates with extensive experience of working in women’s rights. All of this shows that there is already significant support for men to become involved in campaigning to end violence against women.

Read the Summary Report (pdf)

Read the Full Conference Report (pdf)

Read the Call to Action (pdf)



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Violence and the threat of violence affect women across the world, regardless of wealth, race, and culture. It inflicts devastating physical and psychological impacts on women and has wide-ranging costs for their families communities and societies.

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