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07 June 2011
Stirling - Scotland's first White Ribbon Local Authority

White Ribbon Scotland would like to congratulate Stirling Council and its partner agencies for becoming the first White Ribbon Local Authority in Scotland.

To mark the special occasion an official award ceremony was held on Friday 20 May in the city’s Albert Halls. Callum Hendry from White Ribbon Scotland presented a plaque to Stirling Council in recognition of its new white ribbon status.

The event was opened by Council Leader Graham Houston; to set the work of the campaign in context Alastair Robertson (Senior Training Facilitator & Consultant, Supportive Solutions) delivered a presentation on the importance of educating men on the nature of gender-based abuse. Also featuring were CI Bob Beaton from Central Scotland Police, presenting information on improvements to the police response to violence against women and current local initiatives, and Kenny Taylor from Central Scotland Fire Service on promoting the White Ribbon campaign within his own staff. Two Bannockburn High School pupils, Siobhan Miller and Alasdair Keane were also at the ceremony to give their views on the campaign as young people, having learnt about the White Ribbon Campaign through their membership of the school’s Amnesty group.

The event was chaired by Stirling Council’s White Ribbon Ambassador Councillor Ian Brown. He commented; “It is great that Stirling has received this status. It shows our continued care and support for the women of the area and we hope that our continued support will help to further the good work that White Ribbon Scotland do in helping to stop violence against women.” Cllr Brown has represented the campaign at public events since the outset of the project and his support deserves special mention.

The White Ribbon award is for Councils and local communities who wish to demonstrate their commitment to the aims of the White Ribbon Campaign. The first step in the process was for Stirling to formally back the campaign by passing a resolution at a meeting of the Executive. The Council pledged that its staff and Elected Members would not ‘commit, condone or remain silent about violence against women’, and would endorse the campaign within the Stirling area.

White Ribbon Scotland has worked with organisations based in and around Stirling to carry out a programme of activity which includes raising awareness of the issue of domestic violence, working with local services in order to reduce the incidence of domestic violence and to provide the local community with increased support and understanding of the issue.

Plans are afoot for educational sessions to be delivered in schools next year, engagement with the local corporate sector and even for a first White Ribbon Ceilidh during the 16 Days of Action! If you wish to become involved in the work the please contact White Ribbon Scotland. In the meantime congratulations to Stirling and its people in achieving the award and thanks to all those who have contributed!







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In Scotland in 2011 -12 there were over 7000 cases of rape to the police.

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