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11 February 2010
Save the Women's Support Project!

The Women's Support Project has had its core funding cut for the current year. The project was established in 1983 and raises awareness about violence against women whilst also delivering a support service. The organisation has managed to source funding to carry on training and development work, however at present they do not have the funding to continue the support service.

Please read here to discover how you can help them to carry on this invaluable work. The WSP have provided information on how to lobby for a continuation of their service and also have launched an appeal which you can donate to. You can also join the Facebook group which contains more information about the organisation and the funding cuts.



Board Diversity Plan 2018-2020

 White Rib bon Scotla nd publishes Board Diversity 2018-2020


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Violence and the threat of violence affect women across the world, regardless of wealth, race, and culture. It inflicts devastating physical and psychological impacts on women and has wide-ranging costs for their families communities and societies.

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