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30 August 2012
Peace One Day - September 21st

Momentum is gathering as Peace Day fast approaches. On the 21st of September, individuals and organisations across the world will come together in support of the Global Truce.

Part of this campaign calls for a reduction of domestic abuse. The campaign aim is to achieve the greatest reduction in recorded level of violence on one specific day of the year, known as 'Peace Day'. Supporters of the WRS campaign will join candlelit gatherings across the country as Scotland's contribution to the Peace One Day Campaign. We are looking forward to taking part in this exciting and fresh initiative to raise a spotlight on domestic abuse.

We know that domestic abuse is more than an incident, and we want to explore the stories behind the incident. There will be speakers and musical performances at each event which will be both a reminder of those who have suffered domestic abuse and also a celebration of the agency we all share to do something about it.

You can see more information at Scottish Women's Aid Stop Campaign website or on one of the dedicated Facebook pages for the candlelit gatherings which are taking place in the following cities at the following times:

Aberdeen: 7.30pm - Robert Gordon University Union Quad, School Hill

Edinburgh: 7.00pm - St Andrew Square

Glasgow : 7.00pm - Garnethill Community Park, Rose St\Hill St

Inverness: 7.30pm - Flora MacDonald Monument, Inverness Castle

I urge you to take part in Peace One Day this year, whether by spreading the word about your local gathering or taking the further step by making it along to show your support. If you would like any further information about how to become part of your local event please get in touch. We believe that an end to domestic abuse is possible and with your support we may truly have peace one day.




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In a 2005 study of young people’s attitudes, 1 in 5 young men believe that women often ’provoke violence'.

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