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19 September 2012
Peace Day this Friday

Peace Day is fast approaching - join your local gathering this Friday!

Each month throughout the year there are times of campaign activity, of varying length – a week, a month – more often than not the purpose being to raise general awareness of the issue at hand. Some campaign actions last one day with an attainable goal; for example no-smoking day which asks smokers to make a personal commitment not to smoke in the hope that they continue their smoking cessation permanently. Peace One Day is one of the most ambitious campaigns I have been involved with and it is easy to see why when compared with similar campaigns.

The campaign aim is to achieve the greatest reduction in recorded levels of violence on one specific day of the year, known as ‘Peace Day’. There are many difficulties to be considered in achieving this and particularly when considering a focus this year is domestic abuse. We know this form of violence takes place overwhelmingly in the private realm and that there is almost certainly under-reporting.

Anti-violence against women campaigners always face negativity regarding potential success of their efforts – ‘it has always been like this so why do you expect things to change now?’ Well at the White Ribbon Scotland Campaign we see things changing slowly but surely as more men stand up and speak out against violence and inequality. We look forward to taking a stand with friends and colleagues from local and national anti-violence groups and networks across the country on September 21st in solidarity to support this international campaign.

Supporters of the WRS campaign will join candlelit gatherings across the country which form Scotland’s contribution to the Peace One Day Campaign. We are looking forward to taking part in this exciting and fresh initiative to raise a spotlight on domestic abuse. Whilst being coordinated by Scottish Women’s Aid, the gatherings are being organised locally as the events are planned and delivered through a collaboration of individuals who are taking ownership of this opportunity to speak out. The response thus far gives us hope that our efforts to empower people throughout the country to take action is bearing fruit; the Scottish campaign has developed organically with minimal support (or interference rather !) from ourselves based at national organisations.

The other pleasing aspect of the campaign is the balance between a sober reminder of the unsettling statistics illustrating the continued prevalence of domestic abuse (made all the more real by the readings of experiences written by survivors) and a celebration of the success over the years in raising awareness and challenging attitudes which still permit or perpetuate domestic abuse. The White Ribbon Scotland campaign is evidence of this; 5 years ago there was no White Ribbon Campaign in Scotland and just over 20 years ago there was no White Ribbon Campaign at all. Other movements have complemented the slow but steady drive to engage men in ending violence against women, and a representation of this will be the presence of White Ribbon Campaign supporters at each candlelit gathering, either speaking out as men in Scotland fully opposed to men’s violence against women or standing aside feminist comrades from all sorts of walks of life.

I urge you to take part in Peace One Day this year, whether by spreading the word about your local gathering or taking the further step by making it along to show your support. Details are available online at Scottish Women's Aid 'Stop' Campaign website and on the related Facebook event pages. and if you would like any further information about how to become part of your local event please get in touch. We believe that an end to domestic abuse is possible and with your support we may truly have peace one day.

Aberdeen: 7:30pm Robert Gordon University Union Quad, School Hill

Edinburgh: 7:00pm St Andrews Square

Glasgow: 7:00pm Garnethill Community Park, Rose Street/Hill Street

Inverness: 7:30pm Flora MacDonald Monument,Inverness Castle.

Please note different times due to sunset times in those areas



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A domestic violence incident is recorded every 10 minutes in Scotland with nearly 50,000 incidents reported in 2011-12.

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