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15 April 2013
Launching a new campaign - Play Fair

We've launched a new campaign in partnership with Zero Tolernace to end gender stereotyping in children's toys

Launching Play Fair our campaign in partnership with Zero Tolerance

We're working with Zero Tolerance to end gender discrimination in our children's toys! It might not sound important, but from birth we tell boys and girls how to think and feel. Girls should like pink and baking, boys should like blue and sports. Often children grow up in an environment where they feel the need to conform to this or feel less like a girl or a boy. Looking at it like this, it becomes more important.

From a young age, boys are also told to be aggressive and are told a very unhealthy story about masculinity, one that is often critical of boys having anything in common with girls. It is these issues that create our sexist culture.
This campaign challenges marketing companies, stores and manufacturers to take a look at the impact these toys have and asks them to stop stereotyping children. Interested? Get involved!

-Join the Facebook Group
-Post photos of stereotypical toys on our Tumblr

We will be holding a campaign training day THIS SATURDAY the 20th of April at the Melting Point, Rose Street, Edinburgh, 1.30 - 4.30 pm. Come along and get skills to campaign and create change. To register simply email us.



Board Diversity Plan 2018-2020

 White Rib bon Scotla nd publishes Board Diversity 2018-2020


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26% of Scots surveyed in 2007 thought that a woman bore some responsibility for being raped if she wore revealing clothing

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