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16 March 2015
Launch of UK Stalking Poster for Schools and Colleges

Ayrshire College HND Graphic Design students are currently working on an exciting live brief to design a poster to raise awareness of stalking.

The project will take place in the form of a competition at which White Ribbon Scotland have gladly accepted an invitation to join the adjudication panel.

This poster will complement the fantastic work of  South Ayrshire pupils who developed the award winning Stalking Resource ‘Friend Request- voted winner of the 2015 Safer Communities Award on 2nd March 2015.
The live brief is in partnership with Ann Moulds, Scotswoman of the Year 2014, campaigner and founder of Action Scotland Against Stalking, South Ayrshire Council Multi-Agency Partnership Group, White Ribbon Scotland and White Ribbon England & Wales. This poster will go out to schools and colleges across the UK to raise awareness of stalking.
This new and exciting initiative will help raise awareness to stalking being recognised as much a young persons problem as it is for adults. We need to help young people recognise the early grooming behaviours that are the trademark of predatory stalkers. Young people are the voice of social change and we look forward to engaging them to help raise awareness to this abhorrent crime. 



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