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11 March 2013
It's Time to End Sexism On Campus

New research by the National Union of Students reveals the impact of sexism on campus and a growing "lad culture".

On International Women's Day, the National Union of Students released a report "That's What She Said" an indepth report into women's experiences of sexist "lad" culture on campuses across the UK. Main points of the report included:


  • Women students reporting feeling unsafe because of sexist 'banter' and jokes
  • Sexist attitudes frequently being used as a marketing tools for club nights and social events
  • Sports activities were singled out as arenas where much of this attitude exists
  • Lad culture was more evident in a 'pack mentality'
  • Women reported male students acting as 'good guys' during the day and 'lads' when out at night

The report also suggests recommendations for universities and has called on a summit to be called by UK Government. You can read the full report here.

White Ribbon Scotland believes that this culture is hugely detrimental to the experiences of women students and to men students who feel they do not fit into this culture or feel the need to live up to a wrongful definition of masculinity. This unhealthy masculinity and misunderstanding of the definitions of young men's and women's roles, is promoted through popular culture such as men's magazines and a culture which remains silent about sexism and violence against women.

White Ribbon Scotland has been working with Scottish Women's Aid in recent months to tackle this problem through training and resources. You can read more about that in this blog. 



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