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31 March 2010
Dr Jackson Katz Tours Scotland

Scotland welcomed a special guest during the week of International Women’s Day in Dr Jackson Katz. Conferences organized by Glasgow Rape Crisis and by the Violence Reduction Unit featured Dr Katz as a keynote speaker; he also spoke at a joint Rape Crisis Scotland and White Ribbon Scotland event in a busy Scottish Parliament Committee Room to discuss men’s role in gender violence and his work on prevention programmes.

Dr Katz is a leading gender violence prevention activist whose work has received international acclaim and it was a privilege to share ideas with him during the course of the week. Key themes in Dr Katz’s work is the role men play in gender violence, ‘Bystander’ programmes as a means of training men to challenge violence against women amongst their peer groups, and constructs of gender portrayed in the media. His main publications are 'The Macho Paradox - Why Some Men Hurt Women And How All Men Can Help' and 'Ten Things Men Can Do To Prevent Gender Violence'

White Ribbon Scotland will be working with our partner organisations to draw on good practice from Dr Katz’s work to produce materials for a Scottish context. Anyone who was able to see Dr Katz during his tour, or who has an interest in this work, is welcome to contribute to this process. Please contact us at White Ribbon Scotland to discuss the work further.



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