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30 October 2012
Domestic Abuse reports on the rise

Domestic Abuse reports on the rise - we all have a part to play

New figures today from the Scottish Government, showing an increase in reports of domestic abuse, have been met with concern by White Ribbon Scotland.

The statistics reveal a 7% rise in domestic abuse incidences and a worrying 7% rise in reports by victims of domestic abuse who had previously reported an incident to the police. Over 80% of all incidences reported involved a female victim and male perpetrator.

White Ribbon Scotland believes that violence against women is a human rights issue and, as such, men need to play their role in creating a safe and equal society.  By educating and campaigning men on this issue, we can work towards a society where no man is violent towards a woman. 1 in 4 women will experience domestic abuse at some point in their lives, this needs to end and we all need to campaign together.

Callum Hendry, Campaign Coordinator at White Ribbon Scotland said:

“These statistics reveal just how big an issue domestic abuse and violence against women is in Scotland. Too often, the general public view this as a distant issue or an issue that no longer exists. For thousands of women in Scotland, this is not the case.

It is also important to remember these statistics only reveal those victims who felt able to come forward and report the incident. Many women, out of fear, will not have come forward and will not be included in this analysis.

As over 80% of the incidences were female victims and male perpetrators, it is worryingly clear more work needs to be done to tackle this issue. White Ribbon Scotland recognises that most men are not abusive, and will continue to campaign and educate those men on how they can work to end violence against women and challenge the actions of perpetrators.”

You can get read the details of the report here and you can get involved by signing our pledge here



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The number of reported domestic violence incidents steadily increase each year.

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