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15 April 2009
Campaign launch urges men to do their bit

As Scotland’s rape conviction rate is revealed as one of the lowest in the world, campaigners have launched a new initiative aiming to involve more men in the struggle to stop violence against women by parading a giant, 30 metre long, white ribbon through the streets of Edinburgh.

The white ribbon is the symbol of an international movement, initiated in Canada, which recognises that the involvement of men is crucial in tackling the attitudes and assumptions which allow violence against women to remain endemic in society.

Organised by Amnesty International, one of the main supporters of the White Ribbon Campaign, the giant white ribbon was carried from Bristo Square in the Edinburgh University campus to the East end of Princes Street, by 50 campaigners carrying placards and handing out flyers on the street.

Amnesty International’s Programme Director Scotland, John Watson, said: “The level of violence against women in Scotland is appalling. Yet too many people accept it as a normal fact of life. It is too easy for men to assume that if they’re not doing it then its nothing to do with them. On the contrary men have an important part to play in overturning the underlying attitudes that mean between a quarter and third of women in Scotland will be subject to domestic abuse at some time in their lives.”

Bob Doris MSP, who led off the march, said: "I'm delighted to reaffirm my support for the White Ribbon Campaign. As has been widely acknowledged there is a lot of good work being done in Scotland to combat violence against women" "There is of course this "White Ribbon" campaign which helps keep the issue right in the public eye"

Later on this year the Scottish Government will be launching the "This is not an invitation to rape me" campaign which will help combat the myths of who is to blame surrounding rape cases" "The work goes on but we need to keep going until the message gets through" Campaigners will hand out flyers urging men to get involved in tackling violence against women, including a list of “ten things that men can do”.



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In Scotland in 2011 -12 there were over 7000 cases of rape to the police.

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