Jack Cockin

I want to help end men's violence against women because not only does ithe violence disgust me but also the fact that these kind of men treat women as their possession and feel they can do anything they want with them. You can witness this in teenagers and right through the age spectrum. It is not getting any better, in fact, the statistics say it has been getting worse over the last 25-30 years and I believe the statistics do not tell the true story. A lot of women are afraid to come forward and it is up to the police to take domestic violence more seriously and protect women from their partners and boyfriends. Rape is also a problem in our society and is one of the most horrible things that can happen to a woman. Again women are afraid to come forward because of the procedures they have to go through: it is imperative that the police and the courts remember that they are the victims here and the sentences that these animals get should be more appropriate for this heinous crime.



And It's "Goodbye" From Callum...
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In a 2005 study of young people’s attitudes, 1 in 5 young men believe that women often ’provoke violence'.

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