Workshops, Toolkits and Activities

Involving menWorking with Men and Boys to Prevent Gender-Based Violence
A comprehensive toolkit for working with men to prevent violence against women with group exercises, readings, case studies, a discussion board, and other resources for group work.

Prevention connection Activities, themes, information, and group exercises for workshops and talks

Men’s Resources International
Training materials on involving men in ending violence against women and on new masculinities.

Aurora Center, University of Minesota
Training materials for advocates and educators on prevention of violence against women

Mapping of tools for working with men and boys to end violence against girls, boys and women Unifem and Save the Children (downloads a pdf).

Amnesty International UK has a range of resources available to download or buy

Men As Partners (MAP) Workshops
Workshops designed to increase the involvement of men in South Africa in HIV/AIDS-related prevention, and taking a stand against violence against women and girls.

What Every Man Can Do, White Ribbon Canada

Women's Aid Toolkit for use in school

School Kit from White Ribbon Australia with guide and tips for young people on holding events, making a banner, mural, school display etc


Call for Global Action to Involve Men in Ending Gender Based Violence

Berkowitz, A. (2004, October). Working with Men to Prevent Violence Against Women: Program Modalities and Formats, Harrisburg, PA: VAWnet,

Kaufman, Michael, one of the founders of the White Ribbon Movement has written a range of materials on the subject including:

The Seven P’s of Men’s Violence (downloads a pdf).
The Aim Framework (downloads a pdf).
Building a Movement of Men Working to End Violence Against Women

You can also access Michael Kaufman's website here, featuring his new blog

United Nations INSTRAW: Partners in Change Working with Men to End Gender-Based Violence

XY: Articles, links and resources on website focused on men, masculinities, and gender politics

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Board Diversity Plan 2018-2020

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The number of reported domestic violence incidents steadily increase each year.

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