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We provide training and information workshops to engage men in our work and give them the skills to stand up to violence against women.

Our training includes the opportunity to become a local speakers and support on public speaking. We also provide training for organisations, local community groups, colleges and schools to help men understand the issues and their role.  Read More >>


Most men in Scotland are not violent towards women, but many of us ignore the problem, or see it as something that has nothing to do with us. A simple first step you can take is to sign our personal pledge.

I pledge never to commit, condone or remain silent about men's violence against women.



Fergus Wood, Lord Provost of Stirling

I think it is crucial that men show support for and solidarity with their female counterparts. In marching with you we are making a statement that we will not tolerate the physical, mental or verbal abuse of women in any shape or form by men.

Fergus Wood, Lord Provost of Stirling
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Calling all men across Scotland...
As a result of the recent self-promoting antics of a certain misogynist you will all know who we are referring to without having to even mention his name.  We at White Ribbon Scotland Campaign share everyone’s distaste at the thought of his supporters meeting to reinforce his sexist and offensive teachings.  We are pleased to hear that the meetings proposed in Glasgow and Edinburgh have been cancelled.


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26% of Scots surveyed in 2007 thought that a woman bore some responsibility for being raped if she wore revealing clothing

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